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At KINDLE, we believe in the power of new and fresh talent and give emerging artist's the canvas (our bags) to apply their designs on. Customers get to choose from numerous design sets and may customize the sets by adding their initials/words/names at artist's designated places which will perfectly showcase the design and the customers' customization.



With this design plan, customers get to choose backgrounds and icons (pre-made & customizable) that most represent them & their loved ones to be applied to any bags/pouches shapes on offer. The pre-made icons already come equipped with fixed designs, clothings and face expressions yet can still be customized with adding just an initial/name/word to the icon. The customizable icons start off with being basic and yet allow for numerous custom options (hair style & color, clothing, base, face expressions, accessories and initials/names/words) to be added to the icon/s or to the backgrounds.



Allows similar design applications as the CMB plan but placed parents' wish list for safe products, great-fun-stylish looks, high functionality and value for money as highest priority.
We offer specially measured handles which ensure perfect fit for children ages 2-11 and recommended lining set C2 (Waterproof with Plastic Zipper) which allows parents to enjoy the highly chic and high practicality of KINDLE KIDS items.



Allows high-level personalizations on Top Grade Exotic materials, featured here are the TOP GRADE PYTHON materials.
Listed price allows client to choose the color of the Python, the hardware finish and the color of the suede lining.

For an additional fee, our highly skilled artisans perform high risk personalizations (initials, shapes, favorite words, symbols) using top grade nails embedded with super precisions on delicate python materials.

Top grade nails and metals sets in numerous finishes:
A. Brilliant Gold
B. Antique Gold
C. Silver

Python OnTheGos/Python OTGs (may be PERFECTLY FLATTENED and re-fluffed without any cracks to the surface, perfectly designed to match your jet-setting requirements)



The Fantastic Design Plan

Allows you to request our head designer to design icons to your specific wishes.
Some of our clients requested to design KINDLE icons of themselves with their favorite kimono pieces/favorite hairdos/lovely pets/favorite piece of jewelry/unique patterns, etc.
The facial features, expressions and the icons' gestures are of course inspired by the clients themselves.
Some requested to design happy skulls/intricate symbols/tattoo inspired designs, etc. etc.
Our clients choose this even more couture option when they see no icons (premade nor customizable) on the catalog that best represent their wishes or just simply because they want something even more fantastic :)

Go ahead, be Fantastic, express your wishes and make them come true!

*the exact Fantastic designs can then be replicated, ONLY through specific orders of the client who placed the order.


tn1 tn3 tn6 tn7 bags-parade_1 bags-parade_2

Kindle Parade ready made collection consists of versatile & adorable special editions designs that are applied on very limited pieces and shapes.

The current Parade collections are:
"Artist's Gallery: Bunny on Chinese background"
"Are we there yet?" on soft green and shocking pink
"bunny & kindle flowers"
"3 Lovely Dolls/i'm Loved"
"3 dolls/merry xmas"
"Elephants on batik"
"Elephants on Kindle Flame's flowers"

Specific colored designs are applied on a bag/pouch shape on a very limited basis, so it is unlikely that one person will receive the exact same piece as another, in the whole world :)

Alphabetz Coin Pouches
We have complete A to Zs in 4 different color backgrounds (pink, purple, green, blue). Although they feature similar patterns, there is currently no two same coin pouch!



please email us for more information on customizing your own KINDLE bags


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