1. For the time being, KINDLE bags can be ordered via private appointment (can be arranged through order@kindlecouture.com) or in special events that KINDLE participates in.
    In a face to face meeting, our future client can easily consult the design they wanted with our consultant and designer, with also the assistance of our super friendly catalog.
  1. Item prices varies, depending on the shapes and the level of personalization (cartoon, accessories and background can be chosen from our various predesigned catalogue book). The designs can later be applied to any bag shapes we provide.
    We have 20 shapes of bags, small goods starting at Rp. 220.000, Bags starts from Rp. 2.190.000 :)
    Small Goods: Petite Pouch (min 2 pcs)* Small Pouch * Medium Pouch * Large Pouch * Pencil Case * Coin Pouch * Gadget Pouch (1/2 compartments) * Business Card Holder
    Evening Bags: Duchess, "It" Clutch, Flirt
    Chic Bags: Versa, Ease, Ease Tote, Petite Ease, On The Go (OTG), Petite OTG, Starbright, Pooch (Laptop Bag)
  1. We do not have a minimum order quantity, but if you order more than 1 bag, we will give special discounts.
  1. Latest Updates are posted in the latest news page.